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Anna Conda

Paris, France

My creations and my universe are inspired by the symbols and elements of different cultures and traditions, resulting from my experiences of life in different corners of the world: from the forests of Siberia to the Amazon jungle crossing the mountains of Europe.

The connection to nature, the interest in the cosmos, its enigmas and mysteries, the wisdom of the indigenous peoples of Amazonia and their knowledge of the plant and animal world, the philosophy of the ancient Greeks, the insertion of archaic motifs and cosmopolitan symbols, this set gives my creations a multicultural aspect, where everyone can meet, identify themselves.

I invite each person to open up to art, to dream and tell their own story in front of my paintings, to interpret and make connections between the different elements. This leads to questions, discussions and exchange and sharing of knowledge and develops the imagination.
Thus the interaction between people, nature and art is woven.
Wescover creator since 2019

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