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Angela Alba

Brooklyn, NY

Angela Alba is best known for her sculptures, digital drawings, and installations that capture an essence of the comedic value of today’s social norms and the natural anxieties that come along with it. A visual artist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Angela’s serious interest in the creative realm began in her teenage years as an Art Major in high school. In 2015, she went on to earn her BFA with a focus in sculpture at the School of Visual Arts and received grants from SVA in collaboration with institutions such as Mana Contemporary and Brooklyn Glass to create bronze, glass, and neon sculptures. Since then, Angela has shown her work at galleries in Chelsea, SoHo, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn as well as internationally. Angela’s work mimics the dry humor in which millennials engage on social media through dating apps, sharing memes, gifs, videos, and photos. With an emphasis on soft pastel colors, she incorporates intuitively bent neon, a sporadic use of spray foam, and wet looking resin, creating a grotesque, intestinal quality on a surface. The subjects of femininity, the reality of melancholy, and humor are recurring themes in her work. Angela currently works from her studio at Brooklyn Art Space in Gowanus.
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