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Andy Golub

New York, NY

Andy Golub is a world renowned artist specializing in public art and body art. His public performances have changed nudity laws in New York City and opened the doors for free expression for many other artists. Founder of the international non-profit Human Connection Arts, Golub's work has been featured in many events in NYC, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin and San Francisco.
Golub's body art is both interactive and spontaneous. He does not objectify his models, but relies on a spiritual connection between artist and model for inspiration, revealing an inner truth through his art. Golub has painted models of all shapes and sizes, people with disabilities, cancer patients, the elderly and people of all genders.
A strong advocate for public art, Golub has painted murals throughout NYC and in Wynwood, Miami. His painted automobiles have been featured in many NYC parades.
Golub created a new art form that he calls “human canvas” paintings. Large groups of models lay flat, forming a human canvas, spontaneously painted and photographed from above. The largest human canvas painting to date is 17 models.
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