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Alli K Design

Dallas, TX

Alli K Design was not a well thought-out or dreamed about plan. Rather, it was a happy accident. A hobby turned business. Alli K Design found me in 2014. I was in the midst of searching for a cubicle job (because my "dream job" wouldn't even look at my resume), newlywed life, and figuring out how to adult in a new apartment. My very first art project that I posted on IG was a canvas of my wedding vows. A few likes and comments led to friends also needing art work for their new apartment and me making it in exchange for buying my dinner. My first ever hobby was thriving but my wallet not so much. Until I finally took the blinders off and realized this so-called hobby could be a job. Told my husband this was my plan, stopped apply for jobs and set out looking for anyone I knew in the wedding industry to get my foot in the door. I turned those handwritten notes into a professional practice and those random doodles into expert illustrations. Three years later I am able to put author, muralist, and podcaster on my resume. (Take that "dream job" that wouldn't even give me a chance.) Alli K Design has become my dream; working with amazing companies, creating things with my hands, and even being able to work somedays from bed.
Wescover creator since 2018

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