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Alicia Maria Vallejo

Miami, FL

Alicia María Vallejo, a professional anthropologist, has found, in both art and painting, a form of communion with the environment. Her murals and paintings depict spiritual renewal, using clean, vivid lines and vibrant, cheerful colors. Her contemporary touches have been influenced by Neo Cubism and Pop Art. These artworks permeate the artist's optimistic vision and celebrate the simple and beautiful things in life. Alicia María’s artwork AQUA has been selected many times to represent her country in museums and art galleries in Colombia and in the United States, including in New York 2013 and in the Miami Beach Sister Cities event in 2012. Alicia María’s work has been shown at numerous international exhibitions, including those in Monaco, Belgium, France, China, Colombia, Perú, and the United States. Her most important exhibition took place at The Louvre Museum in Paris, 2014.
Her altruism has inspired her to use her art to help those in need. Alicia María has hosted and promoted fundraising events such as, “Un Solo Corazón Pintando por Ecuador” after the earthquake in 2016. She has also worked with the Salvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation in 2015, as well as many other non-profit organizations.
In 2017, Alicia Maria was honored as a “Hispanic Artist” on the course of Hispanic heritage month by The City of North Miami. She received a proclamation by the hands of Dr. Smith Joseph.
Alicia María’s passion is to share her art and knowledge through teaching young children and elderly people at different organizations, schools, libraries, and cities, providing access to art education that helps shape better human beings.
The earth is the primary and ultimate element of the energy cycle. From the Mother Earth, we come and to Her, we return. It is the element of sustenance, protection, stability, and discipline. Working with the earth requires the ability to have patience as we calmly await the moment for life to emerge. When we awaken the living essence within ourselves, we create fertile, peaceful and safe nourishment for the soul.
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