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Alexandra Papadimouli

Athens, Greece

"If I had to name my design style, that would be Scandinavian-Greek: a combination of clean forms and practical beauty." Hi, I am Alexandra, I live and work as a designer between Athens & Tinos island.

​The Round Button is a design-decor project I created in 2014 and the main idea was to combine minimalistic style with themes inspired by the Cyclades islands. While it began as a print shop, the project now involves collaborating with architects & decorators for the decoration of homes, hotels, office spaces... In addition, the designs are applied to a series of decor products and gifts.

The creative process for me begins during the summer while strolling around the island's most peculiar places, in order to discover architectural shapes and natural elements that can be later redesigned. Back to my office in Athens I draw shapes and create minimal designs out of these photos, which later I test on walls, fabric, and other materials.

I create art because it is my way of escaping reality, a way of breathing in everyday city life. I wish my designs can find their way to the homes of people who love the Aegean as much as I do.
Wescover creator since 2020

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