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Adi Goodrich

Los Angeles, CA

"Spatial Design and Large Scale Artwork"
Adi Goodrich is based in Los Angeles, California and is half of the creative studio, Sing-Sing. Her practice lies between art & design including large-scale set design, site-specific art installations, tour visuals, photography, sculpture, and interiors.

As a child, Adi worked alongside her father in his architectural restoration and antique business. Starting from a young age, she has been enamored with materials and the process of construction. Her love of architecture and history led her to study at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and La Sorbonne in Paris. She studied in various departments applying herself in Architectural Preservation, Drawing and Sculpture.

Clients and collaborators include: Google, Apple, Nike, Adidas, Instagram, Sony, Fleet Foxes, Sagmeister & Walsh, HP, Converse, Native Shoes, Target, Lavazza, Klarna, Zen Desk, Headspace, Lyft, Ace Hotel, Marz Brewery, and more...

She continues studies in Interior Architecture at UCLA and teaches classes in Materiality, Color, Art History and Set Design at Sing-Sing's Saturday School sessions.
Wescover creator since 2020

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