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Abraham Storer

Abraham Storer

Kraków, Poland

"Landscape Painter Working in USA and Europe"
I am an American landscape painter currently living and working near Krakow, Poland and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My work is inspired by broad international travel and my spiritual connection to the landscape.

My paintings are calm resolutions between the sacred and banal. They reflect a life lived between secular and religious poles, from my Pentecostal upbringing on Cape Cod, to the art community of New York City, to the political and spiritual nexus of Jerusalem.

I hope my work elicits a sense of peace that isn’t escapist but rather reflective of an existence that is weighted and transcendent, brutal and beautiful, solitary and full.

I received a degree in English from Brandeis and an MFA in painting on full scholarship from Boston University. I lived in Brooklyn for a number of years before moving to Israel in 2011 to pursue a Fulbright fellowship. Since then, I have been bouncing around the globe, traveling and living internationally in Europe, USA and Israel, all while building a family of my own.

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