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Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Handmade Light Paper Sculptures - 100% Eco/Organic/Sustainable/Compostable/Handmade"
100% Eco/Organic/Sustainable/Compostable/Handmade
"I believe that connecting with the objects that surrounds us, is most important for our daily well being.
Choosing them with consciousness, with respect to nature and its history, can brings us back home to our own essential being"

Hi! I'm Lucia Bellani; artist, designer and Creator. Hope you are well!!
HIKARI is my own brand of Creation of ART + DESIGN since 2018.

Through years of investigation, I developed an unique handcrfated combination of Cartapesta which is an ancestral technique of treated handmade paper and sustainable materials, to deliver a 100% natural, ecologic product that respects not only nature but humans, creating Bespoke One-of-a-kind pieces that Light your Home; ALWAYS.

HIKARI LAMPS are firm, rigid and resistant AS they keep the soft texture of beautiful Papel material.
Paper is well known as a calming and loving materials to work with light, since it brings a joyfull, worm light effect to the ambient.

All Pieces are unique since I work only BY ORDER, and BY HAND, generating Light Sculptures that were made for you alone.

You can sort thought the COLLECTIONS GUIDE, were you can find all our models and Systems inspired by organic shapings of nature.
I also work with BESPOKE CUTOM DESIGN PROYECTS, were we can design toghether a Site specific Installation that can meet your Proyect needs and dreams.

Have a great day!
Wescover creator since 2022

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