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Cristina Dalla Valentina

Cristina Dalla Valentina

Verona, Italy

"I want my paintings to help you discover the beauty within you and in the world. To open you up to the possibility of wonder. To reveal you the existence of an elsewhere."
A continuous experimentation is the trait that has always guided me and that has made me what I am today.
I believe that art is not the simple application of more or less refined techniques, but requires a continuous research within ourselves, and therefore it cannot stand still but must represent our path of knowledge.
So it is for me, every day.

I started to make art because I was driven by the need to understand myself. And still today, when I go in my studio and stand in front of the white canvas, that blankness asks me: who are you?
Brushstroke on brushstroke, layer upon layer, every moment brings its emotions: enthusiasm, doubt, discouragement, hope, joy... everything is part of the experience, everything is part of me, everything is welcomed with compassion and kindness.

Since I was a child, the beauty of my homeland surrounded me: nature and art seemed to blend their colors and shapes together.
Growing up I learned to know the centuries of history that were behind me and to recognize myself in the art that they gave us, traveling in Italy and in Europe.
And today this experience continues with the artists from around the world whose path I follow.
For this reason my paintings lives on the memory of that past and this present, and silently dialogue with those colors and those shapes. And so the self-knowledge is connected to the collective dimension.

A constantly changing conception of art requires a lot of study.
From the first workshops at the Academy of Fine Arts Cignaroli in Verona until today I have continued to learn and practice: in the drawing and in the first rudiments of painting, then gradually in the different techniques and in the different media that I learned to use, full of curiosity for the ever new opportunities that open up in front of me.

My paintings are part of private collections in this countries: Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Greece, Bulgaria, Australia, Brazil, Japan.

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