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Cristina Dalla Valentina

Verona, Italy

"My work is contemplation of reality and vision of an elsewhere"
Cristina Dalla Valentina is an Italian painter born in Verona: she has been working in the artistic sector for over 18 years.
She paints contemporary abstracts on canvas and paper using acrylic colors and mixed media, with techniques ranging from liquid painting to collage.
Paintings are built layer by layer, with intentionality but also with expressive freedom, in order to obtain a harmonious and energetic composition and lively textures, in an instinctive and organic whole.
Colors play a role of primary importance in this because they underline the composition from an emotional point of view.
Continuous experimentation is the distinctive trait that has always guided Cristina: from her first workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona until today, the artist has never stopped growing and acquiring new skills, always remaining open to the opportunities that open up to her.

Cristina Dalla Valentina's paintings could be found in private collections in Europe (Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Greece, Bulgaria), North and South America (United States, Canada, Brazil), Asia and Oceania (Japan, Singapore, Australia).



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