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CER Dye Design

Cincinnati, OH

"Dye painter creating moody abstracts and textured landscapes"
CER Dye Design was started as a way to be creative when I found myself with much time at home after a move to support my husband in his career. Having always been "crafty" and willing to try many creative avenues, I stumbled on wall hanging tapestries. The move took us to Florida where I found myself creating ocean landscapes and many other coastal related abstract artworks.

After another move to Ohio, I have fallen in love with the landscape of the Midwest and I've found my abstract inspiration to pivot as well.

Years before my hands found their way to art, they were holding and caring for little ones as a pediatric cardiac nurse, which I still practice today!



Woman Owned

Made In USA

Made To Order

Natural Materials

Wescover creator since 2023
Projects Portfolio
Sea Lustre
Tequesta, FL
Residential Project
Jupiter, FL

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