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Arohika Verma

Bothell, WA

"Abstract Expressionism"
I create art as a refuge from the noise of life. It's a space where I can reconnect with the quiet wisdom within and find beauty in simple moments. I capture the thrill of standing on a mountain top, the world stretching below. But also the whispers of a single raindrop tracing its path down a windowpane.
My process is a delicate balance of surrender and control. I use fluid washes of paint that bleed and blur to mirror the ebb and flow of emotions. Bold strokes celebrate strength, while delicate lines trace vulnerability. It's a dance between chaos and harmony, guided by intuition and the rhythm of the brush.
Each painting is a conversation between me and the canvas. When the story feels complete, the canvas whispers back. At that moment, I step back, allowing the viewer to become part of the conversation.
I intend to allow your worries and anxieties to soften, to melt away as you gaze upon its depths.



Woman Owned

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Wescover creator since 2020

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First & Main Design Market
Bothell, WA
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Lynnwood, WA
First & Main Design Market
Bothell, WA
First & Main Design Market
Bothell, WA

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