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we've weathered the storm | Mixed Media by visceral home. Item composed of canvas
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we've weathered the storm | Mixed Media by visceral home. Item composed of canvas
we've weathered the storm | Mixed Media by visceral home. Item composed of canvas
we've weathered the storm | Mixed Media by visceral home. Item composed of canvas
we've weathered the storm | Mixed Media by visceral home. Item composed of canvas
we've weathered the storm | Mixed Media by visceral home. Item composed of canvas
we've weathered the storm | Mixed Media by visceral home. Item composed of canvas

Created and Sold by visceral home

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visceral home

we've weathered the storm - Mixed Media

Price $3,000

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Reclaimed Materials

Made In USA

Natural Materials

Locally Sourced

42 x 32 x 3. intended to be hung horizontally or vertically. handcrafted poplar wood frame stained black. concrete + sand + oil + ground black onyx + plaster were layered 4+ times. sanded + re-envisioned. after the layers of texture were dry, it was painted with copper paint. after the copper paint was dry, we laid a green patina aging oxidizing rust over the copper. creating the beautiful rust you see underneath the brushed black pigment + watercolor.

Some statues we know to be beautiful green/bluish green with different tones and patterns. Those that have this look are the older ones that have been exposed to the variety of conditions that the weather brings. The harsh conditions of the storms and wind over time cause the oxidation of the copper which produces the most unique patina rust. We, like the copper, have had weathering, we've had life leave scars on us that change the look of our skin, we've had tough times that have changed who we are as individuals, for a while in a bad way, just like the oxidation of the copper when it was still in the process of making that change. there are times we still hurt and challenge the thought of being broken but this process as it takes its course becomes more and more full and transformed with the new beautiful patina color of the oxidized copper. When the final layer of patina has finished forming, the statue is stronger and more resilient to the weather. We too transform as we learn from the harsh conditions in life and turn that pain into strength and wisdom. Through that transformation, we've become stronger, different, and beautiful: in a way that reflects our growth, our weathering process, our tough lessons learned, and some of those that there is no way to learn but by enduring such treacherous pain. We have weathered the storm and come out on the other side changed. Our layer of patina is beautiful and sought after. We are like statues that have been through many storms. They have stories of time that you can see, and strength you can feel from the layer of patina it developed as it spent enduring through the years.

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Item we've weathered the storm
Created by visceral home
As seen in Creator's Studio, Charleston, SC
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visceral home
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2022
our work serves as a liberating exploration of our inner selves, offering us empowerment and purpose for our emotions to be alchemized into color, textures, patterns, and forms that reflects our journey of self discovery and expression.

Taylor and Connor Robinson are Charleston, SC-based artists creating sculptural mixed media artwork using the moniker visceral home.
Their works interpret the human psyche — for trauma and healing, the passage of time, and the relationship between humans and the natural world. Over the past few years, they’ve honed in on a practice where the married partners collaborate: Connor creates handcrafted frames and surfaces on which Taylor paints abstract images. Their art is a kinship of two individual processes and personal meditative techniques that ultimately combine to achieve one thoughtfully balanced vision. The complexities of coping with cPTSD and substance use disorder are threaded throughout their works, revealing a timeline of visceral indentations of the emotional journey of healing.

They create artwork to cope with the fear of uncertainty. From these monumental moments, a catalog of collections was born, channeling and transforming various emotions into something useful. With time, they let go of situations and relationships that held them hostage, releasing and transmuting that pain as a new creative avenue toward feeling understood, relieved, and valuable. An abstract expression of the heavy moments that would drown them if there was no cup to pour in. A celebration of the moments of joy and triumph. Their art is a tactile alternative to self-destruction. It is self-preservation. Pouring themselves into creating something that can translate that emotion into a tangible experience that can be visualized and felt viscerally is what they dream of as the ultimate solution to the condition of being human.

Inspired by the human condition and how the psychology of design and art can influence our mood, the team is passionate about aligning with like-minded designers to create art that adds depth to a concept. visceral home was given its name after being told multiple times how their art provoked emotion that the viewer physically felt but couldn’t find the words for. They are motivated by innovative, expressive spaces that marry artistry and functionality. The couple aims to create pieces that are investments, not decor. Original works that outlast fleeting trends, especially in this new social media age. Art to pass down and be shared. A visual story that feels just as much your own as it was theirs. Their influences in terms of design styles come from various periods, designers, and architects. 1950s-1970s architecture and interiors; Mid-Century, Bauhaus, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Asian, Japandi, Industrial, and a splash of boho designs. Keeping in mind the spaces their art lands will continue to morph into new personalities, they focus on creating art that can be everlasting through many design changes.