Wall Hangings by Ria Green seen at Private Residence, Northcote - “Distant Mt Taro”
Image credit: Derek Swalwell
Context & Credits
Item “Distant Mt Taro”
Created by Ria Green
As seen in Private Residence, Northcote, Australia

“Distant Mt Taro”

Wall Hangings by Ria Green, as seen in Private Residence, Northcote, Australia

Item Details
PANTRY at House In Westgarth
All this lovely rain makes one feel like a cup of tea! Hot water courtesy of the Zip Water tap in brushed chrome. Tea pot from Country Road. And that gorgeous artwork is an oil paint on bisque porcelain ‘Distant Mt Taro’ by Ria Green.
Build by Ben Thomas Builder
Photo by Derek Swalwell
Design by Kate

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