Wall Hangings by Patrick Ethen seen at Lions & Rabbits, Grand Rapids - Rising Tides
Wall Hangings by Patrick Ethen seen at Lions & Rabbits, Grand Rapids - Rising Tides
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Item Rising Tides
Created by Patrick Ethen
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Rising Tides is the first static light sculpture I’ve made- the image is entirely analog- there is no screen or digital input. The effect is produced by embedding LEDs at different depths into a sheet of white PVC, which is typically an opaque material. Through a series of tests I was able to find a range between dark and bright pixel values- this difference is achieved over a span of only 3mm by stepping up the depth in increments of .25mm. A CNC router was used to fabricate this piece with the necessary precision- once the file is cut, all the information needed to create the image is present- all I had to do was wire 8906 LEDs in parallel on the back side, a feat which took approximately four weeks.

Rising Tides, 2018
Dimensions: 4’ tall, 7' wide
8906 LEDs

Meet the Creator

Patrick Ethen

Patrick Ethen

Detroit, MI

Hand crafted digital light art

Patrick Ethen is a Detroit-based artist and designer who works with light as his primary medium. Exploring the role of handcrafted objects in a digital age, Ethen uses meticulously wired arrays of light to create mesmerizing installations which envelop the viewer in a meditative, immersive aura which feels simultaneously human and artificial. Describing his practice as a sort of "pseudo-spiritual, psychedelic techno-futuristic experience," Ethen's work is a commentary on the role of technology and its influence on society.

Available for commission/custom work