Created and Sold by Natalie Ventimiglia

Natalie Ventimiglia
Wall Hangings by Natalie Ventimiglia seen at Private Residence, Denver - Is This A Sign?

Is This A Sign?

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This one is about recognizing the signs in your life that are letting you know that you are on your divine path to enlightenment. The sequence of the 3 pieces demonstrates the process of spiritual awakening. The first image is a reflection of the contemplation of something greater. The second image is shattered and put back together, a reflection of the schema-shattering that takes place during spiritual awakening. This becomes a breaking of identity, and the putting back together is the creation of a new identity. The final piece is made with iridescent glass to show the activation of the rainbow light body through enlightenment, or the Merkaba.

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Natalie Ventimiglia

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Art As A Gateway To Viewing Yourself From A Higher Perspective

Colorado-based artist, Natalie Ventimiglia, explores her inner-world through a spiritual lens. Utilizing the magical properties of glass, Ventimiglia creates colorful, expressionistic, conceptually self-reflective compositions. Her glass artwork is both whimsical and systematic, mirroring two worlds in opposition. Natalie creates art that is transformative, art that creates an experiential environment that transforms our spaces into portals to higher consciousness. The art itself opens a gateway to your Higher Self and influences you to reach your highest potential and awaken your Divine purpose.

How you view this art is how you view life. Each piece holds space for you to see yourself from a different perspective and gives you clues or glimpses of what you need to know in this moment. As you shift so does the art. This art doesn't stay static. It evolves with you and you'll see something different over time. When you see something different, it means you have shifted too. Be open to see what the art wants to tell you as it is a message from your Higher Self. The more people who awaken to this possibility, the bigger shift we make as a species and the distance between us all eventually diminishes.