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Created and Sold by Lauren Naomi Fine Art

Lauren Naomi Fine Art
Rolled Petal Response | Wall Hangings by Lauren Naomi Fine Art
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Rolled Petal Response | Wall Hangings by Lauren Naomi Fine Art
Rolled Petal Response | Wall Hangings by Lauren Naomi Fine Art
Rolled Petal Response | Wall Hangings by Lauren Naomi Fine Art
Rolled Petal Response | Wall Hangings by Lauren Naomi Fine Art

Rolled Petal Response - Wall Hangings

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20H x 20W x 9D in5 lb

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April 2022... I have personally been at a loss as to how to react to the current events facing us these days. Whether in each moment we’re facing the prospect of rapid climate change, mulling whether or not to wear a mask to prevent us from a pandemic, or trying to process how to react to the atrocities we are witnessing in Ukraine and the possibility of a third World War, it seems that everything is dire now. Everything is pressing. Most importantly, everything requires response. So how do we respond in times like these, when the situations we are facing are so life-threatening? First, we must respond on a personal level, then the circle grows larger as we consider how to handle these issues with our families, how to communicate with and care for friends, how to act on a larger social scale, what to do, what to say, and what not to do and what not to say. Then there are the state responses, the national responses and the international responses. Responses are everywhere. And this is where I am in my art. At dire times like these, what is the nature of these responses? On an individual, familial, social, state, national and international level? Are our responses commensurate with the urgency and severity of each act or issue? If they are, what does that look like physically? Artistically? A measured and commensurate response creates symmetry. The most beautiful form in nature. The wings of a butterfly. The reflection of a tree in a still pond. What happens when our responses are disproportional to the act or issue? What does over-reaction look like physically? Artistically? What does taking no action look like physically, artistically? I am currently enmeshed in exploring the nature and degree of responses using my varied petal vocabulary in a series of monochromatic personal narratives.

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Item Rolled Petal Response
As seen in Creator's Studio, Brooklyn, NY
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Lauren Naomi Fine Art
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2021
Pulling and painting clay petals in NYC for over 15 years...

My work reimagines and reacts to the natural world and what it means to be human in it using a self-created language of hand-sculpted clay petals. Explorative iterations delve into density, scale, gravity, flexibility and structure. An avid, third generation gardener, the petal to me is the atom in the universe.

All pieces begin with a hand-sculpted clay petal. Then that petal is built upon with more petals and turned into a rose, or instead pulled to create a flimsy petal and then built upon to make a tipsy rose, or instead left to itself and pulled and smashed and stretched against the canvas like a paint stroke. Or the petal is turned on its side like a sleeping child with many other sleeping children- or left alone- or rolled into itself to resemble some sea creature, or pushed to stand tall with other petals like an army of soldiers, or gently pressed to lean, sway, dance, flit. Or rolled up completely into itself like a ball. My petal language seems to organically increase in complexity as I continue to create.

Several petal series are ongoing - each unique, aesthetic, emotional and intellectual forays (feel free to reach out for details) - including: Garden Bonanzas, Party, Sky + Line, Response, Personal Narratives, Origins, Shape Play, Reciprocity, Mixed Beds, Little Landscapes, Soil Studies, Movement Studies and Renovation Project.