Vases & Vessels by Humble Hand Co., as seen in Private Residence, Carlisle, PA

Vases & Vessels by Humble Hand Co. seen at Private Residence, Carlisle - Vase
Vases & Vessels by Humble Hand Co. seen at Private Residence, Carlisle - Vase


inPrivate Residence, Carlisle, PA
There are few pieces that stay settled in my home because they hold so many memories. This one reminds me of the amazing friendships I made during my undergrad years, and how I was taught to challenge my mind and body with this beautiful medium.
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Meet the Creator

Our story began in college where Rob and I earned degrees in Architecture and Art Therapy, respectively. Rob’s passion for woodworking began in the architecture department’s wood shop. Here he learned the ins and outs of the wood world and began creating small, functional, household items such as coffee tables and small wooden gadgets. My love for art grew in the ceramic studio, where I was drawn to the amazing clay process. Thankfully, the two of us were able to continue the crafts that give us joy, beyond our undergraduate experience.

Together, we have merged our gifts and created the small business- Humble Hand Co. Our mission is to take pride in, and find gratitude in the meaningful work that our hands create. Our ultimate goal is to donate a portion of our profits each year to a reputable charity that is close to our hearts.

The name Humble Hand was derived by our combined desire to grow in faith, kindness, and patience all while learning from our life experiences. For me personally, my largest life experience was being diagnosed with Dystonia. This trek (although difficult, painful and challenging) has helped (and is still helping) me gain a better understanding of my hands. Without this pesky disorder in my life, I would have never found my love for clay and the potter’s wheel. Rob has also helped me recognize this love and together we have combined two beautiful mediums and built this tiny business.
Much Love,
Brooke and Rob Jones

Available for commission/custom work

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