Vases & Vessels by Fernweh Woodworking seen at New Relic, San Francisco - Hanging Geometric Planters
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Item Hanging Geometric Planters
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These geometric planters from Bend, Oregon-based Fernweh Woodworking are modern pieces perfect for indoor plants, succulents and flowers. They truly liven up this dining area at New Relic's San Francisco headquarters.

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Fernweh Woodworking

Fernweh Woodworking

Bend, OR

"Justin hails from Bend, OR, where the closeness of the mountains and forest inspires his creativity and appreciation of woodworking. His passion for creating beautiful products from hardwoods is easily seen from a glance around his studio space: experimental products lying on the workbench, neat vertical stacks of wood labeled by species and quality, and of course, a pile of half-finished lamps, shelves, and planters, all waiting for the next step in the process of hand-creation before being shipped out to eager customers. Justin, who is a former Marine Officer and Wildland Firefighter, loves the phase of life he finds himself in, where he works for himself creating his own brand from scratch revolving around his passion of woodworking."

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