Utensils by Ndt.design seen at Creator's Studio, Delray Beach - White Utensil/Plant Holder - Dapper Collection
Utensils by Ndt.design seen at Creator's Studio, Delray Beach - White Utensil/Plant Holder - Dapper Collection
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Item White Utensil/Plant Holder - Dapper Collection
Created by Ndt.design
As seen in Creator's Studio, Delray Beach, FL

White Utensil/Plant Holder - Dapper Collection

Utensils by Ndt.design, as seen in Creator's Studio, Delray Beach, FL


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Item Details
A utensil holder sure to please and will be a beautiful accessory for your kitchen. Keep all your kitchen tools organized in the same place without taking up too much room on your countertop. It is ideal for domestic use as well as restaurants as a solution to a cluttered kitchen. You can also use it as a modern and contemporary flower vase. Fill the vases with flowers and water to decorate your home, office, or special event. DT.design Utensil/Plant Holder is stylish and matches any home style.

Product Details
Material: Aluminum with leather handle.
Shape: Round
Colors: White, Yellow, Gray
Overall Dimension: 8.00" H / 3.8" Diameter
Product Care: Hand-wash recommended. Do not use it around any heat source.

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Even as people become increasingly more sophisticated, they still cherish and enjoy the simple things in life. A homemade cake by grandma or cozy dinner parties with friends and family. We strive to design products that will help in creating these pleasant moments and long-lasting memories, contributing to enjoying the simple things in life.

At NDT Design we create well-thought and distinctive Home & Kitchen products, that bring together friends and family. NDT.Design was established 25 years ago in Brazil by Ricardo Rodrigues. Today the company has a worldwide reach, bringing the latest trends in serve ware to your home.
Ricardo Rodrigues grew up in a small village in the countryside of Brazil. His passion for design started young and was realized when he graduated in Product Design and Architecture. As a hardworking professional he gained international prominence through his work. With over 25 years of experience, Ricardo moved to the United States 6 years ago.
Growing into the American market, whether in architecture or design, he continues to reflect his Brazilian origins. Things like a comfortable living, welcoming people, and caring about people, are all common characteristics in Brazil that make his designs unique with a strong personal touch.
"The harmony between my work as an architect and the design of my products has always led me to incredible projects and outstanding results. Product design began in my career in a very fluid and unassuming way. When I was working with my clients, I saw that the market did not have personalized or warm characteristics designed for individuals. Because of this, I began to create distinctive products with a simplicity that is able to interact with people on a personal level. When a product draws friends together and they are comfortable, they linger and spend time with one another. These moments are eternal!”