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Created and Sold by Rachid Lachhab

Rachid Lachhab

Zellige & Ciment tile, and Natural Stone.

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About ArtZellige the best Moroccan Tiles
Moroccan Tiles and Stone (Art Zellige) is an industrial company specialized in Zellige, Cement tile and Stone production, the founders are handcraft men who inherited this art from father to son for centuries, since the ALMohades Era where this industry was introduced to Morocco from Andalusia (Spain).

All our products are made using the unique clay which is known as the best resistant material for clay products from the region of Fez city.

We produce several types of Zellige as Mosaic, large sized panels (hand painted, chiseled, and drawn) Terracotta, Stones, and Cement tiles.

Artzellige offers you the best Moroccan tiles and the best Zellige don’t hesitate to contact us for any further informations

Item Zellige & Ciment tile, and Natural Stone.
Created by Rachid Lachhab
As seen in Private Residence, Fes, Morocco
Rachid Lachhab
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Wescover creator since 2020
Moroccan Tile & Stone

We sell and produce Tile, Zellige, Ciment and Natural Stone.
100% Handmade, Based in the source of zellige "Fès"
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