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Tiles by clé tile seen at Don Francisco's Coffee Casa Cubana, Los Angeles - cross & cigar shop - cement tiles 8"x8"

cross & cigar shop - cement tiles 8"x8"

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Cross is a pattern of diminutive crosses repeating throughout a simple format. this clean and elegant approach produces an austere pattern with a gothic vibe.

Cigar shop celebrates two of clé’s favorite features of Cuba- fine cigars and their vibrant architecture. cuba has captivated our imaginations with so many of their renowned features, and cigar shop illustrates just that.

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clé tile

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redefining surfaces

clé is a modern online tile boutique where we offer a myriad of tiles ranging from wood-fired glazed surfaces, artists' collaborations to everyday basics. We have a profound love for tile and our aim is to broaden everyone's appreciation of this material so that they see beyond the backsplash and recognize tile as an artful, provocative and interactive facet of our everyday surroundings. If it's well-crafted and artfully designed, it will stand the test of time.

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