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Created and Sold by Walter Manzke

Walter Manzke

Charcuterie Boards - Tableware

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Wooden boards up to 10-feet long decorate walls in the bakery. Walter has been making these charcuterie boards since around 2005 when he worked at Cantinetta Luca in Carmel, CA, crafting more during his Church & State days, bringing them from restaurant to restaurant, where they finally landed at Republique.

On his charcuterie plate, Manzke delves deep into the philosophy of country pâté, serving a selection of at least five stunning versions, from pig to venison to duck and back again. The best taste on the board, though, is the duck liver mousse, which straddles the silken line between liver and dessert in the most seductive way possible.

Item Charcuterie Boards
Created by Walter Manzke