Resin Board

Tableware by Tina Frey, in Yndo HotelBordeaux, France


Tableware by Tina Frey seen at Yndo Hotel, Bordeaux - Resin Board
Tableware by Tina Frey seen at Yndo Hotel, Bordeaux - Resin BoardTableware by Tina Frey seen at Yndo Hotel, Bordeaux - Resin Board
An adorable and much coveted resin board. Use it for anything from cake to full dishes and your content is guaranteed to look ready for an Instagram post. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Resin Board - Tina Frey Designs is a collection of modern home accessories, useful objects and jewelry in resin. The designs are made of lead and BPA free food safe resin. Each piece is handmade, handcast and hand finished with care resulting in unique variations in each item. Dimensions: 10" x 4.5" x 0.5"


Meet the Creator

"Tina Frey draws inspiration from many sources. The fluid lines of her silhouettes are reminiscent of the blue sea, while the organic contours of each piece emulate the curves of nature. Creativity blooms from treasures found during travel, and mouthwatering colors spring from many sources, such as translucent popsicles and scrumptious jelly beans.

The pieces in the collection are hand sculpted by Tina Frey in San Francisco. Sculpting starts with an idea focusing on simplicity and function.

The idea serves as the backbone while Tina sculpts each piece in clay. Hand made molds are created from each design and are used to cast the vessels in small batches by color. Each piece is hand sanded and carries a unique beauty that ensures the quality and integrity of each piece."

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