Tableware by Soren Grau, as seen in Private Residence, Los Angeles, CA

Tableware by Soren Grau seen at Private Residence, Los Angeles - Hand-Painted Pottery
Tableware by Soren Grau seen at Private Residence, Los Angeles - Hand-Painted Pottery

Hand-Painted Pottery

inPrivate Residence, Los Angeles, CA
Fabulous shots of the newly hand-painted pottery series made by Soren Grau in his home in Los Angeles.
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Meet the Creator

Soren Grau is an artist from Denmark who has lived and worked in Los Angeles for the past several years. He paints in a street art-inspired Neo-expressionist style. Rather than focusing on mainstream art-house, Soren’s work instead engages the viewer with color and symbolism.

With both cultural icons and world events often acting as inspiration, Soren strives to communicate meaning through both figures and colors. He paints each artwork to convey both personal meaning and ambiguity, to be interpreted differently by each person. The pure pleasure of creating is the driving force behind his painting. He believes that art need not be complicated and that art is for everyone.

“Whatever an artist does, they put a piece of themselves into the artwork,” explains Grau. “You can make yourself individual by creating something unique that is a part of you, but that can also be a part of those who see it and experience it.”

Soren, who is a self-taught artist, has during his lifelong career won numerous industry awards for his aesthetically pleasing style, graphics, and colors. His artworks have been collected by international companies, including Red Bull, HBO, Toyota, and FX (Fox), as well as by private art lovers.

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