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Custom Drink Menu Inside Old VHS Boxes | Tableware by Houston Hospitality | Break Room 86 in Los Angeles

Custom Drink Menu Inside Old VHS Boxes - Tableware

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Their craft cocktails—a menu helmed by Houston Hospitality beverage director Joe Swifka— are new spins on colorful and sugary, sweet and fruity drinks popular in the '80s. Their Rock-It Pop drink (one of our favorites) is a throwback to the red-white-and-blue rocket popsicles. They also have drinks with names like Cherry Chapstick—cherry-infused Encanto pisco—and Purple Rain, made with Pernod absinthe. True to '80s fashion (a la 1988 Tom Cruise flick Cocktail), they even have a bartender there doing some impressive flair cocktail tricks, like flipping bottles around in the air and balancing glassware.
And since it's all about the details with twin brothers Mark and Jonnie Houston, who are the masterminds behind the bar, even the cocktail menus are inside of old VHS boxes with films like The Lost Boys or Ferris Bueller's Day Off on the covers.

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