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Tableware by Crazy Green Studios seen at Creator's Studio, Asheville - Branded Mugs

Branded Mugs


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Asheville is a destination city for visitors from around the country and around the world, and sometimes you just gotta take a little reminder of your fabulous trip! Visitors to the comfortably luxurious Biltmore Village Inn can get a lovely reminder that will also serve them a lovely cuppa. High fired stoneware, logo stamp sprigged and detailed with underglazes.

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You take the time and attention to carefully source or even grow your ingredients. You pride yourself in creating exquisite meals that are part of a complete experience, and invite patrons into ‘your house’ where you oversee every detail. Your work deserves a worthy canvas, and handmade ceramic service ware, organic and unique, adds immense value to the complete dining experience. I love to collaborate with chefs to design handmade ware that will be the perfect canvas for their creations.

Lori Theriault is potter and owner of Crazy Green Studios in Asheville, NC. "I love food, and I love to cook - it’s what first attracted me to making pottery. I saw that I could make work for the foods I love, and subsequently I found I could also create recipes for the dishes I love to make. Even better, I love to see my pottery in the hands of passionate, creative, and talented food professionals. My work is handmade with high fire stoneware or porcelain and with food-safe glazes. I take great joy in interpreting designs collaborated on with my chef clients, and each piece, whether made on the wheel or by hand with slabs, carries the individual, handmade design of that collaboration.