Tables by Natural Wood Edge Creations by Rick Griggs seen at Private Residence, Scottsdale - Live Edge Buckeye Burl Coffee Table with Stone Inlay

Live Edge Buckeye Burl Coffee Table with Stone Inlay

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This live edge buckeye burl coffee table has an array of stone including Chrysocolla, jasper, agate and copper inlay.

Buckeye Burl also known as Aesculus californica is native to California, southern Oregon and Ohio. It has swirling grain patterns with a mixture of blue, grey, black and gold which blend in a beautiful color contrast. A burl is created when a tree encounters stress which may be from a virus, fungus or an injury. Most burls grow under the ground attaching to the roots of the tree. This burl is from California.

Chyrsocolla is a hydrated phyllosilicate mineral. It comes from Greek chrysos meaning ‘gold’ and kola ‘glue’ although its color is typically a combination of blue and green. Chyrsocolla is found in the United States in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico. Michigan, Pennsylvania and Idaho. The Chyrsocolla used in this table is from Arizona. Copper is the inlay. It is found in multiple states in the U.S. including Utah, Arizona, Montana, Michigan and New Mexico. Jasper which means “speckled stone” and is an aggregate of quartz, chalcedony and various minerals. Jasper can be brown, red, green, yellow, blue or a combination of those colors. Red is most common because of the iron content. Blue is considered rare. Mookiate jasper from Australia and Willow Creek Porcelain jasper from Idaho. Agate is made up of cryptocrystalline silica with quartz. Agate is a variety of colors and is typically associated with volcanic rocks. Copper is very malleable and has a beautiful reddish-brown color.

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Natural Wood Edge Creations by Rick Griggs

Meet the Creator

Creating Custom Heirloom Works!

Woodworking started as a hobby and quickly evolved into a business. Carving and turning led to creating “live edge” tables and "live edge" art. Natural Edge Wood Creations began from requests I received to make "live edge" tables for family and friends. I use wood and stone with a sense of architecture, style and imagination to create each work so its natural beauty and qualities flourish. Each piece is an experience in tactile and visual beauty.

I have had an array of experience across many fields. From on-air and management in radio to consulting professional sports teams and broadcast companies including ESPN to photography and woodworking. The common thread in all of them is my passion for what I do!

It expanded in September 2016 when I found a gallery of metal sculpture in Taos, New Mexico. I had been searching for a source to create metal legs that would enhance but not overwhelm my work. I met with the owner and artist, Frank Seckler. He agreed to do custom legs for my pieces. When I showed him my work he asked if I would be open to selling my work in his gallery. The partnership began and has been successful.

I create every "live edge" piece carefully selecting the wood and stone are from sources around the country; Phoenix to Florida, Massachusetts to the Pacific Northwest, Southern and Northern California to Iowa and Ohio. Each piece is meticulously planned from preparation and cleaning to sculpting and sanding to the inlay material and finishing.

In addition to woodworking I have spent over 40 years in the broadcast industry creating entertainment programming. I was one of the pioneers helping to create the Sports Radio format. I own the premiere and highly‐respected Sports Radio consulting firm, RSA Sports International, which was formed in 1992.

I am also an accomplished photographer having been invited to display my work at the Lishui (China) Photography Festival. Four of my pieces were placed on permanent display in Lishui Photography Museum. I have displayed my photography in galleries and private showings in the Pacific Northwest.