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Live Edge Walnut Integrated Island Dining Table

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This kitchen island dining table resides in downtown San Francisco in a renovated loft at the Clocktower building. The live edge slab introduced an organic element to add a contrasting focal point to the open, industrial-modern hi-tech room. A bench was made using a slab from the same tree.

Though countless options were available to use for the dining slab, it was integral that we use a piece with prominent character that would stand up to the surrounding room. The piece chosen provides rich color with golden and deep amber hues, bold grain pattern and a unique shape with wild variation. Some natural holes and cracks were also part of the criteria, leaving some unaltered while others were chosen to fill with a clear epoxy. The kitchen island acts as a platform for the slab to slide into.

Item Live Edge Walnut Integrated Island Dining Table
As seen in Private Residence, San Francisco, CA
Mez Works Furniture
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
Lake Tahoe provides a beautiful locale that continuously inspires our one-of-a-kind handcrafted furniture creations. Our style has grown from a solely organic, mountain rustic focus, and after many years has evolved to offering a full variety of modern and cutting edge design. Every aspect of our furniture is conceptualized and created in-house with precision and innovation in mind, ensuring the highest of quality production, and tailoring each piece to have it's own uniqueness. Our craftsmanship with both wood and metal reflects the natural beauty of their original source - from the sporadic knots and complexity of wood grains to the seamlessly blended welds and complimentary finishes that showcase the metals we work with.

Our designs add a modern twist to classic styles by combining an industrial aesthetic with traditional compositions. The versatility of our collection compliments any style home or business, quaint or contemporary, and we work closely with every customer to make sure each piece is perfectly suited to its eventual forever home.

We see sustainability not just as an ethos, but as an art form. While we do work with customers nationwide, most of our materials are sourced locally within 200 miles. Our creative passion is fueled by finding new ways to reveal the unique time-ripened beauty of salvaged and re-purposed wood, improving our techniques and making durable products with lasting finishes.

We take pride in our craftsmanship, stylistic aesthetic, attention to detail, and we hope that you love our creations as much as we love creating them!

- Terren, Allie & Tim