Tables by Clines Crafted Woodworking LLC - Farmhouse Dining table
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Farmhouse Dining table


Custom Options Available. Ask The Creator For Customization.

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Description coming soon!

Production time: 4 Weeks (Add this to our current lead time for this piece)

Not sure what table size you need? We got you covered. Check out the link below.

Click here

If a custom color (other than white) paint for your table base is desired we can do that too!!

Paint options include all colors within the Sherwin Williams Brand and even some other brands as well.

Note: If a custom color is not desired our house color is Bistro White #7006-4

Not sure what color you want? Try the link below.

Paint color

Cant find the right color in the link? That's alright! As an alternative option you can also pick your color out at Lowes and provide us with the name and number.

Stain Color Options can be found using the links below.

Rubio Monocoat Precolor

Rubio Monocoat 2C oil

All pieces must have a 2c Oil applied. This is the protective coat and comes in different shades.

Pre Color is an additional dye only step to achieve a desired color but is not required.

Colors of each product can be combined.

We encourage our clients to research Rubio Monocoat social media pages to help make their decision on color. With the ability to combine the Pre color with the 2C oil there is an endless possibilities.

Colors are for reference only and are not binding. Real wood will very from tree to tree and may therefore very in features, grain, and color.

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Creation: 4-36 weeks

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Meet the Creator
Kentucky's Premium Custom Furniture Maker & Woodworking Provider

At Clines Crafted Woodworking LLC, we deliver heirloom quality with a modern and customizable design.

But our woodshop actually started from a much simpler place. In fact, it was born of necessity: my family’s home needed new furniture.

It was when I got to work preparing pieces for my wife, my two growing boys, and our home that the idea for Clines Crafted Woodworking LLC took form.

As I sought out fine local woods, studied the most influential woodworkers, and honed my techniques, I was actually sowing the seeds for what would become our family-owned business.

I wanted to make sure the furniture I made for them was the best...

Because our families deserve the best.

They deserve our effort and time, however we can give it to them. And that’s what went into the founding ethos of Clines Crafted Woodworking LLC when we launched it in 2018.

As a Georgetown, Kentucky family and a Kentucky-proud business, we use local materials whenever possible.

This focus on our community allows us to stay present in our community, celebrate what makes us strong, and support fellow local businesses. This local attention also allows me to better serve you, to hear what you’re interested in, and to develop the just-right designs for you and your family.

As a trusted purveyor of high-quality custom furniture, we never take shortcuts on the way to creating something your family will treasure for years.

Normally I sand down rough edges, but there’s one point I have to make that may come off harsh: if I had to build low quality to sell a product then Clines Crafted Woodworking wouldn’t exist.

While there may be ways to cut corners with cheaper materials or lower-quality techniques, those aren’t the kinds of products I stand by. I put the same energy into my work for others as the work I did for my family to create strong designs that will last.

As a passionate craftsperson, I’m pushing myself to exceed your expectations, each and every time.

My passion is structurally sound high-quality furniture. I’ve studied centuries of the greats, and while many shops align themselves with a singular style like Amish or Shaker, I prefer to find the proven elements that work, what makes the best the best, and combine them to create something that has a proven structure and a contemporary style.

Quality is our priority. When it comes to furniture or the other wood products we craft, the techniques, styles, and materials we use at Clines Crafted Woodworking LLC are meant to be the best.

Because that’s what my family deserves. And that’s what your family deserves, too.