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Yip Yew Chong

Rail Mall - The Last Tiger

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In the 1800s, the Bukit Timah jungles were rampantly deforested to develop Gambier and Pepper plantations. The loss of habitat forced the tigers to prowl the plantations and villages. When the incidents of tiger attacks on plantation coolies increased, the then British government gave rewards for capturing the tigers. The last wild tiger shot in Singapore happened on 26 Oct 1930 at Choa Chu Kang Village.

This mural is a tribute to the jungles, wild tigers and the plantation coolies. They were all sacrificed to develop Singapore into the trading city we are today.

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Yip Yew Chong

Meet the Creator

Hi, I’m YC, a Singaporean artist who practices different visual mediums like murals, canvas, sketches, installations, digital drawing, photography and video-making. Here, you will see more of my public murals because they are the most visible, being on the streets. I used to do art on a part-time basis from 2015 till 2018 while working in the accounting profession. In mid-2018, I left finance and have since spent much more time creating art.

A common trait of all my art works is that they are intricately detailed and tell stories, especially of my childhood memories, a bygone era or lost place; and at times, mixed with present-day real scenes in a whimsical manner. I hope the artworks will evoke in the audience a sense of warmth in their hearts and fond personal nostalgia; and they in turn, will be inspired to tell their own stories.

I also love travelling, as the experiences enrich my views of the world and inspire my art. I have posted some photos and drawings of my travels here too, and hope to make more travel-related art in the future. Thank you and hope you enjoy viewing my artworks!