Street Murals by Valeria Merino, as seen in San Antonio, San Antonio, Chile

Street Murals by Valeria Merino seen at San Antonio, San Antonio - Mural
Street Murals by Valeria Merino seen at San Antonio, San Antonio - Mural


inSan Antonio, San Antonio, Chile
This is a mural composed between paint and mosaic. It portrays the love story that Roberto Parra describes in his tenths the black Esther in which he also portrays the bohemian life of the brothels of San Antonio. There the sailors and artists and were served by brothels and the night party in the port of San Antonio. The boulevard has a route that starts from the first wall below the hill, along Mauricio Mena Street, continues on the stairs going up (section not yet completed) and ends up climbing the hill in the passage Sergeant Village where a painted mural extends.The mosaic portrays a kiss between the Black Esther and Roberto Parra, and it is the handkerchief of the black woman in the wind that stretches the landscape of the San Antonio Sea becoming a painting. The painted mural instead portrays the life of brothels and the characters of the Black Esther with all the elements that abound in the tenths, such as music, cueca, romance, Doña Berta, Japonesita, Esperanza ... all about a tangled cloak behind that houses objects, landscapes and love affairs, sometimes confusing with the sea, with storm, and unattended beds.
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