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Created and Sold by Timothy B, the Artist

Timothy B, the Artist

Sista Sankofa - Street Murals

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Timothy B's double-sided mural for Only Up mural fest in Liverpool, CA.

Timothy B, the Artist
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Why chase confusion if Clarity is an option too?

Timothy B is a multimedia artist who is recognized internationally for his vibrant murals and afro indigenous tattoos. His art is greatly inspired by his afro futuristic perception of reality along with his African ancestral background. Art has always been a passion for Timothy, since his tender ages of attending art classes at his elementary school.

Through art and passion, he hopes to inspire, elevate, and alleviate people from the fear of not feeling ‘capable’. His message is that “anything is possible when love, faith, focus, and urgency is the foundation”. With a “go getter” attitude, Timothy has positioned himself to paint walls for clients such as Whole Foods, Empire Entertainment, and PG&E, all within a year’s time.

He is greatly influenced by what he describes as “the ghost from his past along with his peaceful frustrations of the future”. Over the course of the last five years, Timothy has attended community college courses in pursuit of expanding his technical skills in art. In the near future, he plans to travel globally while sharing his passion for art with communities across the world.