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French Wheat Paste

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At Mission Street & 19th Street, talented street artist Suriani Paris created a beautiful piece that he called French Wheat Paste. This artwork illustrates a blue-eyed, fully bearded man who is wearing a red lipstick, and a blue rose headband. Suriani is very passionate about bringing empowerment to all the drag queens through his art.

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Suriani Art

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"Suriani was born in São Paulo where, in 2002, he started his career as a street artist. Since 2007 he lives between Paris and São Paulo. His paste-up interventions are a celebration of diversity and of the multicultural scenario of contemporary urban centers. His urban hybrid characters are metaphors for urban inhabitants. The mixture of animal-human anatomy explores the mythical aspects of our life experience that have been progressively lost in modern western civilization. Since 2014 he explores the drag queen culture in France, Brazil and in the United States as a source of inspiration. His drag queen portraits are a manifestation of the need of empowerment of the contemporary urban queer communities."

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