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Created and Sold by Summer McClinton

Summer McClinton

Northern Saw-whet Owl - Street Murals

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Pint-sized yet vocal, the Northern Saw-whet Owl was the subject of the mural done by Summer McClinton at 3740 Broadway, New York. Her work is characterized by an eclectic sensibility—a perpetual mix of existing artistic styles and streetscape vernacular. This piece aims to create awareness for the possible extinction of this beautiful creature. “The Saw-whet Owl chose me. A few days after painting it I found out my mother had recently drawn (and sold) a Saw-whet Owl at an art exhibition in North Carolina. This was confirmation to me that this owl has a strong desire to be noticed, protected, and removed from the endangered species list.”

Item Northern Saw-whet Owl
Created by Summer McClinton