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Space Traveler

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At 175 Cypress Street, Mission District, there is a colorful Space Traveller mural courtesy of Sidemuestro. This mural-on-wood depicts an alien, planets and other celestial bodies, all painted using soft pastel colors.

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Meet the Creator

"Sidemuestro was born on October 2nd, 1987 in Curico, Chile.
He started showing interest on Graffiti when he was young and he starts painting when he was 15 years old, learning from others friends and using any kind of material he could reach.
In 2007 he moved to the city of Concepción (Chile) to study Graphic Design, where he learned about drawing, design, and the importance of Latin American and Chilean muralism.
While he was living in Concepcion he met others artist, he felt inspired and develop a new style and technique, during the 3 last college summers he traveled to different places of South America feeling inspired with the natives of those places and he paid attention to their love for the nature, the environment, animals and how they preserved his pre-Columbian culture.

That is how he developed a style full of organic shapes, jungles from other planets, aboriginal tribes, new civilizations and psychedelic topics."