Street Murals by Semor the mad one seen at Cologne, Cologne - Quicksilver
Cologne, Cologne, Germany
Quicksilver for Holiday Harry alongside theCertains and Random EXP


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Meet the Creator

"My passion for writing came into being at the end of 1993. At that time I was still chalking my walls and started changing letters without even knowing that this would be with me all my life. My sister then showed me the film “Stylewars” and from that point on I was infected.
My travels have already taken me to New York, Buenos Aires, Switzerland, but also across Europe and everywhere I have met very nice people with whom you can not only talk about writing.
For some time now I have been organizing events and running workshops with children and young people. When I started writing, there were no workshops or writers that brought me closer to writing. I want to offer the youngsters a platform.
You can say that I am an autodidact! And that's why writing means everything to me ... “Love, joy, passion, enjoyment ...!
"Love what you do and do what you love!""

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