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Created and Sold by Sarah J Blankenship

Sarah J Blankenship

TX Horned Lizard Mural - Street Murals

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This is a collaboration project with Elgin Main Street and Elgin artist William Montgomery. Bill Montgomery is in this "in progress" photo with me. This is the back of his building, his studio is on the second floor. Elgin's Main Street Design Committee wanted to add more public art downtown and saw an opportunity to highlight a local artist's work. He is an artist who works at a smaller canvas scale, so I was called in with the honor of enlarging the original piece to mural size.

Bill does a lot of nature art focusing on animals in their environment. He told me he highlighted the Texas Horned Lizard in this one as a cautionary tale of extinction. The horned lizard use to be all over central Texas and in almost every county. Apparently efforts to rid fire ants led to killing of harvest ants, which are the horned lizard's primary food source, and caused the lizards to die off too. There are some efforts to repopulate the horned lizard going on today. Here is one giant artistic re-population for Elgin 🎨😉

Bill's website: — in Elgin, Texas.

Item TX Horned Lizard Mural
As seen in 116 Depot St, Elgin, TX
Sarah J Blankenship
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
"From Blank to Beautiful" I love creating art that is part of the everyday backdrop of people's daily lives in their homes or businesses they visit.

Art has always been a part of my life and passions. Graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with degrees in historic preservation and computer art. 13 years experience with the Texas Main Street Program providing preservation advice and computer renderings illustrating how building/business owners can modify their buildings from color schemes, signage or full rehabilitations. 1 year painting full- time with company, "In Your Space Collaborative Arts" doing decorative finishes and murals. Free-lance and volunteer art projects have always been a part of the journey. Today I am a full-time Muralist & Sign Painter!!