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Created and Sold by Olivia Gude

Olivia Gude

Where We Come From...Where We're Going - Street Murals

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“Where We Come From...Where We're Going, (1992; restored in 2009) is a mural by local artist Olivia Gude outside the Hyde Park train station in Chicago.

Gude stood on the corner of East 56th Street and interviewed passersby about their origins and destinations. She recorded their responses, photographed them and turned her findings into this mural, which still delights today.

People spoke to her about everything from "everyday descriptions of their comings and goings to ruminations on career and family history to observations about the social and political times to thoughts on meta-physical and spiritual journeys and changes." It was restored in 2009 to keep it fresh and prominent in the neighborhood.

Item Where We Come From...Where We're Going
Created by Olivia Gude