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Octavi Serra

Smile mural

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During the two weeks of the “Festival Circular” Octavi Serra have been collecting, cleaning and stapling plastics to make a smile mural. It is the smile that makes us not face the obvious and devastating problems to solve them but helps us to avoid them to continue living peacefully in self-deception. A beautiful smile made with one of the most dangerous materials on the planet. Artist Octavi Serra had a pleasure to have participated in the circular festival and work with Madrid Street Art Project. Also thank the neighbors of San Cristóbal for all the support received for the project.

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Octavi Serra

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Barcelona-based artist, designer and photographer Octavi Serra’s work is centered around capturing the ironies, truisms, and frustrations of modern life. Optical illusions and waste products are presented in public spaces and then photographed as part of an engaging philosophical series.

The Spanish artist’s liberal work is a sign of the times, and a reaction to the dissatisfaction with the current social landscape. Serra builds conceptual installations that both poke fun at current culture, and question with much seriousness, the status quo: each image portrays a message about some type of socio-political issue. Be it surveillance, greed, corruption, environmental destruction, egoism, technology, or consumerism, no stone is left unturned. The donut tempting you to ‘Just Do It’ with its infamous Nike tick, a clock portraying the obsession with spending all of our time at work, or encouraging the viewer to literally leave their doubts in the garbage bin, are some examples of this portrayal. Whatever the aspect, Serra’s sense of disillusionment is apparent. In a recent interview, he warns: “They have sold us a base pattern to live in the world, [and] if we do not make an effort to overcome it or change it, it’s easy to end up looking like automata”.

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