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Nicolas Barrome
Street Murals by Nicolas Barrome seen at Panteón San Juan Tlihuaca, Ciudad de México - Desfile Post Mortuo
Image credit: Fitto Segura @fittosegura (Instagram); URBAN@_urbana_mx (Instagram)

Desfile Post Mortuo

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The Post Mortuary March" by Nicolas Barrome @nicolasbarrome for POSTMORTUO vol.1 by @_urbana_mxin San Juan Tlihuaca. Candles guide the animals, this taught us in San Juan Tlihuaca, the animals collected wax for the candles that would guide the spirits and in this march they guided all the elements of our traditions turned into fantastic characters of the imaginary of Nicolás. Thanks to @_urbana_mx.

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Nicolas Barrome

Meet the Creator

Nicolas Barrome Forgues born in Saint Jean de Luz / France in 1980 studied applied arts in Bordeaux. Shortly after his studies, he created with his friends the art collective Jeanspezial. Firstly he painted walls with his friends and his imagery evolved quickly when he discovered other techniques like etching which had a great impact on his work. He is passionate about cinema and setting, obsessed with textures and frames; his universe is very detailed and has several levels of reading. By computer or with more traditional techniques (drawing, painting, spray on walls), his work is constantly nourished from new discoveries, techniques, and new meetings.

In Nicolas' works, it's usual to cross hairy animals and strange creatures. His pictures are populated with cross-eyed dogs, giant squids, and aliens who come from his love for science fiction movies. He can give life to fruits and vegetables, mock religious icons or interpret his old childhood memories. Never limiting himself in any way, Nicolas borrows from the great masters of classic painting and SpongeBob's creators.