Street Murals by Nick Sweetman, as seen in Bathurst Street, Toronto, Canada

Street Murals by Nick Sweetman seen at Bathurst Street, Toronto - Bathurst-Wilson Underpass
Street Murals by Nick Sweetman seen at Bathurst Street, Toronto - Bathurst-Wilson Underpass

Bathurst-Wilson Underpass

inBathurst Street, Toronto, Canada
Completed underpass mural by artist Nick Sweetman on the Bathurst-Wilson Underpass with the help of Bacon, Omen, and Wales. Nick's design was selected out of the five shortlisted artists for representing the diverse community demographics without using cultural symbols or human figures - like many of the families in this community, each group of animals comes from Russia, Israel, the Philippines or Canada (to catch everyone else). Though the different animal families come from different places, they can recognize a familiar face in one another. The background, inspired by coloured inks dissolving into water, represents how each individual brings their own colourful flair to the mixture, making for a vibrant community when all these colours interact and start to flow together.
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Meet the Creator

Nick Sweetman is an independent, multidisciplinary artist from Toronto. He holds an MFA from OCAD University’s Interdisciplinary Art, Media and Design program as well as a certificate from the Mural Routes Leadership Training in Mural-Making program. He has gone on to lead and contribute to numerous mural projects around the city from East to West, collaborating with as many other artists as he can, as well as partnering with several non-profit organizations on community projects and events. His studio practice has always been based in painting, but over the years his work has explored photography, video, installation, and a wide array of mixed media. He is interested in drawing attention to the intersection between natural forces and human-designed objects and spaces. He hopes his work encourages consideration of and respect for our relationship with the planet and its non-human inhabitants.

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