Street Murals by Mitchell Egly, as seen in Rogers Park, Chicago, IL

Street Murals by Mitchell Egly seen at Rogers Park, Chicago - Beverly Mural

Beverly Mural

In the spring of 2016, Beverly Area Arts Alliance in Illinois was searching for an artist to design and install a large scale public mural. The goal: build enthusiasm in the community and join a showcase of artists at their annual Beverly art walk. Based on my work in Rogers Park, I was selected to create a retro design that showcased the splendor and history of the Beverly neighborhood. Proud to be challenged with this wonderful effort, I involved myself headlong in the research and process of discovery important to finding significant cultural, personal and communal aesthetics that could help me construct a confident direction for the design. Through input from and collaboration with the Beverly Board, we landed on a final inked image to scale. The next stage of the process was paint application. After having the surface prepped and primed, I scaled my image by hand and painted for 9 days. Thankfully the weather cooperated! Finishing touches were completed on the day of the Beverly Art Walk 2016, where I enjoyed great exposure, appreciation, and heartfelt joy. Being able to provide such a wonderful community with such visual pleasure was an experience I will always treasure.

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inRogers Park, Chicago, IL

Meet the Creator

Whether creating large scale public murals or providing specific illustrative work for clients, I continuously feed on collaboration to find inspiration. My dedication to always deliver my best work is forged in understanding a project’s specific needs and goals, regardless of challenge or complexity.

Possessing a deep love of world history, the humanities, and an abundance of curiosity – I am completely dedicated to the craft of communication design through illustration. I pride myself in having respect for each and every project and I savor even the smallest detail that can help bring a vision to life. Forming relationships with others in a way I can be of use, my experience has provided me with a range of opportunities to contribute to many forms of corporate/campaign branding, private artworks, and public installations.