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Melbournes Murals
Flower girl | Street Murals by Melbournes Murals
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Image credit: Painted by Melbournes Murals. Brigitte Dawson and Melissa Turner
Flower girl | Street Murals by Melbournes Murals
Flower girl | Street Murals by Melbournes Murals
Flower girl | Street Murals by Melbournes Murals
Flower girl | Street Murals by Melbournes Murals

Flower girl - Street Murals

Featured In Frankston, Australia

Flower girl is 15 meters high and is designed to be any one of any nationality holding a bunch of Australian native flowers in front of her face. She is wearing a dress with an aboriginal design by Brianna Webster painted by @Melbournesmurals

Item Flower girl
As seen in Ross Smith Avenue East, Frankston, Australia
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Melbournes Murals
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
Painting the world one wall at a time!

Melbourne’s Murals is Australia’s premium artistic service that brings your ideas to life. With over 50 years experience, Melbourne’s Murals recreates realistic images, capturing the mood and fluidity of movement with each brush stroke. Each mural is custom made, allowing the client to exercise their creative desires and enjoy a unique mural masterpiece. With over 1000 murals locally and internationally, the team at Melbourne’s Murals are highly skilled professionals who will exceed expectations and deliver artwork with exceptional aesthetic value.

With a creative flair and a keen eye for detail, Brigitte Dawson developed a passion and aptitude for art at an early age. After spending some time in Italy and drawing inspiration from the great Michaelangelo, Brigitte immersed herself in the world of art and sculpting by focussing on delicate art and evoking human shape. After undergoing her first mural in 1992, Brigitte has since completed murals and artistic design for Channel 7, Fitness First, Channel 9 and the Grand Prix. Having displayed artwork in numerous exhibitions, Brigitte Dawson, is a well-respected member of the art community and a woman of many artistic talents.

For Melbourne artist, Melissa Turner, painting is a language and an effectual way to connect and communicate. Melissa advanced her artistic talents at a young age and spent her teenage years experimenting with various materials and creating inspiring art. After winning awards for a critically acclaimed portrait, Melissa taught herself how to weld and manipulate metals, which sparked further creative interests and abilities. With a generous desire to support the less fortunate, Melissa has donated many painting and murals to charity fundraisers. Having explored different themes, from Trompe L’oeil to Surrealism, Melissa is an artistic expert who can turn any dark and dreary area into a visually exciting and inspiring creative space.

Melbourne’s Murals can transform:

Indoor / outdoor entertaining areas

Council buildings and structures

Restaurant and Café shop fronts

Hospitals and childcare facilities

Schools, Tafes and universities

Pubs and nightclubs

Media advertising

Photography backdrops

Fences and outdoor features

Recreational Clubs

Beauty salons

Hotels and resorts

Bedrooms and feature walls