Street Murals by Kristopher Kanaly, as seen in Main Street, Oklahoma City, OK

Street Murals by Kristopher Kanaly seen at Main Street, Oklahoma City - Abstract Passages
Street Murals by Kristopher Kanaly seen at Main Street, Oklahoma City - Abstract Passages

Abstract Passages

"Abstract Passages" is an immersive mural project in downtown Oklahoma City created by Kristopher Kanaly. The mural is an homage to the passages we use to travel from place to place. As we traverse new lands we discover eclectic cities and awe-inspiring nature, which leaves us with lasting inspiration. The mural covers 10,000 sq.ft. of concrete walls of the Main Street underpass leading into Bricktown in Downtown Oklahoma City. Upon passing through, one will find a mosaic of architecture, skylines and hidden doorways inspired by the Bricktown District, the state of Oklahoma and the landscapes of the Southwest. One may notice the iconic terracotta colored buildings of Bricktown, historic architecture of downtown, and the sweeping adobe planes, which morph in and out of traditional 3D perspectives. Sprinkled throughout the piece are many obscure elements along with an overarching theme of space portals, cactus-people and even a hidden key. Challenge a friend to see if they can find all the hidden items before you can. Abstract Passages was commissioned by Downtown OKC Partnerships with approval by the Oklahoma City Arts Commission and The City of Oklahoma City.

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inMain Street, Oklahoma City, OK

Meet the Creator

Kristopher Kanaly is an artist and muralist from Oklahoma City. With an extensive family history in the arts hailing back to his great grandfather’s Colonial Art Gallery established in 1919, Kanaly grew up in a family of artists, art collectors, art dealers and graphic designers. This influence propelled him into a career of art and graphic design with a heavy focus on street art in his early years. Kanaly’s work has received popularity through multiple awards, publications and books, and is regularly licensed by national retailers like Vans and Warby Parker. His artwork is regularly on exhibit with various regional galleries, as well as numerous outdoor murals and street art applications across the U.S. and Canada. In 2015, he was inducted into the Google Cultural Institute for his public art contributions to the state of Oklahoma. Kanaly founded the Oklahoma Mural Syndicate in 2017, a nonprofit dedicated to advocating, curating and funding public art, and is the lead curator for the Plaza Walls mural project, Oklahoma City’s premier outdoor gallery.

Kanaly’s work can be classified as ultra flat abstractions of landscapes with otherworldly themes. Utilizing high contrasting colors and collaging together simple shapes to create worlds that appear to be digital and ready to step into.

Following in his father's footsteps, Kristopher's early pursuits led him into the field of graphic design. Since 2002, he has been an accomplished designer having his work featured and published in various magazines, books and online design publications, as well as winning several design awards. Kristopher ranked 2nd place in the Adobe® Cut & Paste Design Tournament of Portland, OR in 2007 and was a featured designer in iDn Magazine in 2009. His web designs have been published in the first two editions of the “Web Designer’s Idea Book,” a prominent and global web design resource.

Aside from design work, Kristopher's art has received several notable commissions by The Portland Advertising Federation and Wieden+Kennedy/Portland in 2004 for an event with Blue Flame Marketing, Sean John Clothing and Brand Jordan. In 2012, Kristopher was commissioned by The Womb Gallery to paint murals and assist with installations for various exhibitions, including international artists, Dalek and Maya Hayuk. Kristopher's art is also featured in “The Birth of Icons,” a book published by Vans, Inc., which included a run of custom-painted shoes for display in Vans retail locations throughout the US.

In November of 2015, Kristopher was inducted into the Google Cultural Institute for the Taste of Western Mural Project.