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Created and Sold by Kim West

Kim West

The One With The Bubbles - Street Murals

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"When commissioned to work on this nook of a wall, I was asked what I thought about creating something “optimistic, hopeful, and happy.” Each mural I have painted is an extension of studio work, so it made sense to me to look at a “I Feel Fine”, a painting I had just finished that seemed to fit the “optimistic” bill. The girl blowing bubbles is from imagery I’d found forever ago in a magazine — a photo of an actress blowing bubbles from a wine glass, while lounging on a couch. I’ve painted from that image many a time. For a while it was one of my go-to sources to get me out of, or through, a rut. Something to paint or draw when working to figure out what to paint or draw. Once, I used the image on a large 4’x8’ painting where I pierced thousands of gold and silver straight-pin heads though the canvas to create the color/texture of a dress. Painstaking. This mural rendition of the figure, however, was anything but. The sketching of this figure has become very second-hand; I’m not sure I even have the original magazine photo anymore. Color-wise, I loved the jasmine blooms that frame the nook, and thought it would be nice to have the bubbles floating up into that delicate flora, while allowing a more bold, saturated part to emerge from the sidewalk and ground the image."

Item The One With The Bubbles
Created by Kim West