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Created and Sold by Kevin Townsend

Kevin Townsend

Temporal Feild, West Bottoms - Street Murals

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This drawing on the facade of The Yards is the result of 250,000,hand-drawn, gestural marks on the raw concrete surface. The marks were deposited over a series of days, aggregating exactly 40 hours and coalescing into a field-like flow. Drawing publicly like this is a humble kind of performative act. Perched in a boom lift marking the surface of this wall in the Stockyards district over 40 hour duration connects the work to a public perceptual field where the drawing, audience, and maker occupy the same present. In a public piece like this, I become a part of the work, drawing becomes an act of construction – my presence, labor, time, mark-making tactile-kinesthetic body movement and the topological images they yield all exist simultaneously. At the outset of this drawing each mark will embody only the moments of its making as a record of both attention and intention as the marks grow in number they become something more echoing the way blades of grass at a distance become a field.

Item Temporal Feild, West Bottoms
Created by Kevin Townsend
Kevin Townsend
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2021
Drawings that hinge upon the intersection of obsession, duration and marking time.

Born in New York, I've lived and worked in DC, NYC, Portland, Maine, and Boston before moving to Kansas City, where I am currently based. My current practice and body of work has been shown, performed, and installed in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia