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Julia Prajza
Street Murals by Julia Prajza seen at Etobicoke, Toronto - Butterfly's Paradise - A Vibrant Hand Painted Garage Mural

Butterfly's Paradise - A Vibrant Hand Painted Garage Mural

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This cool coloured scene depicts a swallowtail butterfly's paradise - a garden of wildflowers. This mural was painted for Neighbourhood Love, a public art initiative that transformed a negative story into a positive one, producing 25 murals by 20 artists for the community of South Etobicoke.

As an artist you don't always get the chance to be a part of something bigger than your own private practice. So when I heard about the story of Neighbourhood Love as a response to a bullying incident, it sparked something deep inside me, and I was reminded of the importance of community and freedom to express one's self. I believe that together we are stronger and painting as a team of artists for one cause can be especially powerful. Art can be extremely meaningful not only for ourselves as artists, but for the people that get to interact with it on a daily basis. And I am starting to realize this more and more as I continue painting in the public and community art world. The magic of art is truly unlimited.

FUN FACTS: Black swallowtail butterflies can be found throughout Ontario and southern Canada all the way to northern Mexico. These elegant winged creatures and their caterpillar selves are big fans of plants in the carrot family, which include dill, fennel, parsley, carrots, celery, and my personal favourite of the bunch: Queen Anne's Lace. There you have it: magical inspiration.

These butterflies are swift flyers with short life cycles: 4-10 days as an egg, 3-4 weeks as a caterpillar, 10-20 days as a chrysalis, and 6-14 days as an adult butterfly, totalling an average of 41-72 days.

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Julia Prajza

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Bringing joy and colour to our everyday lives.

Julia Prajza is a Muralist, Lettering Artist, and Designer based in Toronto. As an OCAD University graduate, with experience in Art Direction and Graphic Design, she has returned to her first love: the art of drawing and painting. Bringing her design expertise and graphic style to her work, Julia often focuses on floral or text-based imagery. Creating intrigue with ornate details, vibrant colours, and a whimsical feel, she aims to bring more joy and positivity into our everyday lives. From private to public spaces, brick to glass textures, vinyl print to hand painted, Julia has produced 20+ diverse murals. Recently she co-founded Neighbourhood Love, an artist collective that's collaborating with neighbourhoods to bring colour to our streets. With her lively spirit, Julia is emerging into the community-engaged art world because she strongly believes in the power of art and its ability to cultivate human connection and improve our mental health.