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JK Mosaic, LLC
Street Murals by JK Mosaic, LLC seen at L'OCCITANE, Walnut Creek - Walnut Creek Mosaic Mural

Walnut Creek Mosaic Mural

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This is a 16' x 4.5' mosaic mural commissioned by L'Occitane de Provence for an exterior wall in an outdoor shopping area. It was fabricated in sections in my WA studio, and installed within 2 days on site in CA with the help of an assistant and hydraulic lift. It is made of hand-cut stained glass. The image was provided by L'Occitane.

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Meet the Creator

Custom mosaic accents for private, corporate and public spaces.

Jennifer Kuhns has been creating mosaic for 20 years. Working primarily with stained glass, carefully shaping each piece, she creates custom mosaic for private, corporate and public spaces all over the U.S., including sidewalk inlays, wall murals, window treatments and other architectural elements. Jennifer has honed methods of fabricating commissions in her rural studio that can be easily transported to another location for quick installation.

The style and techniques in Jennifer’s mosaic range from naturalistic and photorealistic to wildly colorful and stylized, but it is generally characterized by precision cutting of materials and careful placement resulting in smooth lines and strategic use of texture and reflectivity. Jennifer’s goal is to create works of art that have function and integrity, and that convey a sense of serenity and optimism in otherwise utilitarian spaces.