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Street Murals by JAY KAES - Rosario's Grandaughter

Rosario's Grandaughter - Street Murals

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Rosario's Grandaughter .This last week, I finished painting the biggest mural that I have ever done to date. It represents the fight against adversity as well as humankind's motivation to confront life's difficulties through self-motivation.
The mural is located in Reinosa, the snow capital in the region of Cantabria, to the north of Spain.I myself was born some kilometers from there, in Burgos.Reinosa faces many contrasts and changes in temperatures, and one of the characteristics that it's most known for is its snowfall, which turn it into one of the coldest places in Spain.
Therefore,I decided to illustrate this with the help of a local's story:The model that I chose for the work is named Lucía Ruiz Zubizarreta,and her family is originally from the region in which the wall is situated.This way, I thought that Reinosa would be able to identify with my painting since,to this very day, the family forms part of its day-to-day life.
On the wall,the gaze of Lucía is directed towards the towns in which her grandparents, and even her mother, were born. Reinosa is where her parents Aníbal and Marimar met.In the work,Lucía is seen putting up her hood in order to prepare herself for the snow that falls in the background of the painting; something that all of the inhabitants of this place are accustomed to doing as part of their routine. Lucía is strong, and she is going to face the snow herself with her hood up, without changing who she is.This is how a young woman, from a small town, prepares for adversity, convinced that she will overcome any challenge that she faces along the way.
I would like to take the time to thank Almudena Báscones for her help. With her project @galeriavertical ,she continues to give color to the city streets. I would also like to thank the support of the city of Reinosa, for treating us as one more of their own and for providing us with all of the means necessary to carry out this project.Thank you to my team, Miguel, Abdul, Nico, Tomás, Ángel, María Jesús, and all of the campurrianos(as natives to this area are called) that have approached me these days in order to give me support and share such kind words.A special thanks to Lucía. #jaykaes

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Meet the Creator

Jay Kaes is presently working on a creative process that focuses on the interrelation of art and technology. It is about the change of human beings due to technology and its exponential growth, and the art especially reflects the human ability to deal with these changes that affect the way we see ourselves as well as our vision of the future as a society

Jay Kaes is a Spanish Street Artist living in the UK, his murals can be seen around the world. His aim through his art is to brighten public or private environments through wall murals. He seeks to motivate the people looking, with pieces of art loaded with modern references and meaning, addressing current issues to contribute something positive to society.

In 2019 Kaes painted his biggest mural to date, a 600 square feet wall for Galeria Vertical to renew the walls in Reinosa, a small town in North Spain. In 2020 he painted his tallest wall, 22x9m for Art in Progress and their ARTWALK5 festival, where he created an AR animation to be seen on a mobile phone in front of the mural. Jay has painted murals for companies such as Netflix, Sony, Marvel and the BBC.